Careers at Laura Pettler & Associates

The culture of LPA is unique to say the least. Our culture is unilateral, everyone is equal, strengths are embraced, weaknesses are outsourced. LPA Associates sit at the LPA Roundtable as partners, supporters, and the decision makers for LPA and the LPAIFI. We actively recruit like-minded individuals; leaders who are innovative, extremely passionate, well educated, and who come with a plethora of experience are those who do best on our team. There are no know-it-alls here. Only people who have longevity in the field that proves who they are and why they do what they do.


LPA International Forensics Institute Online Faculty and Course Developer - No Vacancy


Temporary Contract Basis Only

Compensation split: course development and course facilitation

Reports to Dr. Laura Pettler

Potential CandidatesSend CV and Philosophy Statement Dr. Laura Pettler at the email address below

  • Philosophy Statement - introduce yourself, explain who you are, where you've come from, and discuss what makes you qualified to be internationally recognized faculty, what you bring to the table to contribute that is unique and progressive, how you fit in with the culture of LPA, and your philosophy about your life and career)

All LPAIFI Courses are:

  • Designed to respond to current trends, needs, and issues in the daily work of law enforcement officers, prosecutors, coroners, death investigators, crime scene investigators, detectives, and other related professional positions

  • Textbook agnostic, but include a textbook, relevant eBooklet, articles, or other reading material

  • The intellectual property of LPA

  • Faculty Responsibilities include:

  1. Course Development Responsibilities

    • Faculty are required to build their own course in partnership with the help, guidance, and support of LPA's Home Office Staff

    • Required Skills

      • Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.

      • Prezi Slideshows (visit to sign up for an account), LPAIFI does not use Power Point, though PP presentations can be converted to Prezis

      • Ability to narrate Prezis and record them (coming soon, not required to start)

      • Youtube

    • Use LPA's Syllabus Building Tool to

      • Build Course Objectives from the Program Outcomes

      • Build Learning Activities from Course Objectives

      • Build Proficiency Testing from Learning Activities

  2. LPAIFI Community Development Responsibilities

    • Faculty must be focused on excellence in teaching, course development, and LPAIFI Community & Cultural Development

    • Faculty are LPAIFI Leaders are are required to be integral contributors to the decision making process for the school

    • Faculty must have entrepreneurial mentality

    • Faculty must have a philanthropic mentality

    • Faculty must take an active roll as an Ambassador for the LPAIFI

    • Faculty must take an active roll in promoting, advertising their course at the LPAIFI

    • Faculty must assist LPA in P.O.S.T. approval for online courses if available

    • Faculty must survey their own networks, students, colleagues, etc., to identify industry trends and contribute to market research in pursuite of the LPAIFI's Mission and towards meeting the needs of the public safety community today

  3. Weekly Course Facilitation Responsibilities

    1. Retention: Welcome emails to all new enrollees and reasonable email outreach to any non-participating Affiliate

    2. Engagement: Interesting discussion posts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week except Holidays or when the course is empty. Optional scheduled Class Video Times with Live Discussion, creative ways to engage others that enhances the learning environment

    3. Grading: Reading, provide feedback, additional insight, and assign numeric score ?/100 for one essay per unit

    4. Support: Respond to Affiliates emails

    5. Development: Respond to Affiliate Content Alerts


  • Temporary Contract Basis Only. Online Faculty are not employees of LPA.

  • Course Development Compensation is reflective of the number and quality of faculty-contributed course components, such as:

    • Syllabus: course description, objectives, learning activities, and proficiency testing (testing is not mandatory at this time)

    • Course Containing a minimum of:

      • 6 - Prezi Slideshows (engaging, interesting, accurate, centered on a unit topic or the topics of the unit together)

      • 6 - Links to relevant articles (more are encouraged)

      • 6 - Youtube Video Link (more are encouraged!)

      • 6 - Unit Introductions

      • 6 - 3-question Ice Breakers

      • 5 - Discussion Questions (unit 1 is standard in every course, then one per unit)

      • 6 - Unit Essays Questions (one per unit)

      • 6 - Unit Quizzes that contain 10-20 multiple choice and/or True/False questions

  • Course Facilitation Compensation is reflective of course enrollment and additional factors

Minimum Skills and Balance of Formal and Con-Ed Education, Training, and Field Experience Required:

  • Online teaching experience is a plus, but not required

  • Course development experience is a plus, but not required

  • Teaching experience

  • Bachelors, Masters, PhD, JD, MD, etc. in related field

  • Expertise in print advertising, phone sales, promotion, etc.

  • Skilled at student recruitment

  • Capable of participating in networking events and trade shows

  • Capable of identifying new prospects, clients, partnerships, affiliates, and referrals,

  • Capable of developing and maintaining excellent relationships

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills (oral, written, presentation using Prezi and/or Google Slides)

  • Must be highly organized and self motivated

  • Positive and energetic attitude

  • Strong work ethic

  • Respectful of others' ideas and unique skills

  • Must embrace diversity and see it as a strength

  • Knowledge of Word, Outlook, Excel, Gmail, Google Docs, Powerpoint, Keynote, (Prezi is a huge plus)

  • Written professional communication assessment required

  • Schedule: self-design and completely 100% flexible as long as Affiliates' questions are answered and they are engaged on a reasonably frequent basis

Required Equipment:

  • Computer

  • Internet Browser

  • Reliable and consistent internet connection

  • Prezi

Case Analyst Intern Apprentice

Laura Pettler & Associates ( is the only Victim-Centered Death Investigation firm in the world that assists law enforcement agencies and families through their attorneys in criminal death investigations and wrongful death actions. Coupled with LPA’s Murder Room and empirical research-based quantitative and qualitative forensic genoenvirosocioculturalism victim-centered death investigation methodologies, LPA is the inventor and sole manufacturer of the Kaleidoscope Crime Scene Reconstruction System sold in 30 countries. LPA built and operates the LPA International Forensics Institute ( of continuing education courses in online, ground, and in hybrid formats. Steady influx of new cases gave rise to the creation of nine U.S. Domains each with a Domain Command Centers.

Intern Title: Case Analyst Intern, Entry Level

Divisions: Casework, Product Line, Tribal Outreach, Marketing

Full or Part Time: Intern’s personal discretion

Work Schedule: 20 hours minimum per week, Intern’s personal discretion for a period of one month to 24 months

Salary: None

Compensation: Free online courses in the

Location: LPA Headquarters, LPA Domain Headquarters, Remote

Duties & Responsibilities: LPA Intern duties and responsibilities vary based on the needs of LPA and the intern's level of experience. LPA interns are assigned basic office work such as copying and filing, updating case files, assembling trial binders, reading and tagging case material, forensic science, forensic psychology and other types of internet and courthouse-based research, client assistance, and aiding the firm with death investigations, case reviews, marketing and social media, new case intake, case presentations, trial preparation, courtroom preparation, Kaleidoscope sales, manufacturing.

Supervision: LPA Associates, Tactical & Strategic Field Operations Associates, LPA Consultants, and LPA Staff act as supervisors. It is LPA’s responsibility to:

  1. Orient the intern to LPA including policies, programs, divisions, and procedures.

  2. Share knowledge and experiences with the intern, which will help him/her grow professionally.

  3. Assign responsibilities to the intern that are consistent with LPA’s mission.

  4. Provide opportunities to attend seminars, workshops, etc., pertinent to LPA mission during internship.

  5. Complete a letter of recommendation for the intern’s file when internship is successfully completed.

  6. Meet weekly with supervisors for feedback and evaluations.


  1. Must pass LPAIFI’s Crime Scene Staging Dynamics in Homicide Cases online LPAIFI class with 92% or above demonstrating going above and beyond minimum course expectations.

  2. Written essay on three questions:

    1. Identify, describe, and discuss your death investigation philosophy.

    2. Identify, describe, and discuss your opinions on confidentiality as it relates to investigations.

    3. Identify, describe, and discuss how you expect to benefit from an LPA internship.

  3. Intermediate skills in internet, email, word processing, formatting, presentations, multimedia, spreadsheets, etc.

  4. Short learning curve for learning CrossTRAX Case Management System

  5. Strong attention to detail  

  6. Experience conducting research  

  7. Interested in learning about death investigation

  8. Very task-oriented  

  9. Self-starter  

  10. Excellent organizing skills

  11. Excellent critical thinking/problem solving skills  

  12. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Application Process:

  1. Step 1: Completion of essay, upon acceptance essay, FREE enrollment in the LPAIFI online class.

  2. Step 2: Successful completion of the online class, upon acceptance internship interview scheduled

  3. Step 3: Internship Interview, upon acceptance, application submission and authorization for full background investigation

  4. Step 4: Clear background investigation, Acceptance of Offer of Internship

Administrative Assistant

Location: Monroe, North Carolina

Hours: 20-40 hours per week

Compensation: $12.50 per hour no benefits

Start Date: Immediately

Reports to: Laura Pettler

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: emails, phone calls, scheduling, sales, marketing, social media, flyers, posters, brochures, trade show materials, packing/unpacking, LPAIFI materials, and others as assigned

Minimum Required Skills:

  • Experience in print advertising, phone sales, promotion, etc.

  • Skilled at cold calling and securing sales

  • Identifies prospects, customers, and referral sources, while developing and maintaining

  • Excellent relationships

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills (oral, written, presentation)

  • Must be highly organized and self motivated

  • Positive and energetic attitude

  • Strong work ethic

  • Fast and accurate

  • Detail-Oriented

  • Creative

  • Able to manage multiple relationships in the work environment

  • Respectful of others ideas

  • Knowledge of Skype, Facetime, Word, Excel, Gmail, Google Docs, Prezi is a huge plus, will train the rest

  • Written professional communication assessment required

  • Hours: part-time and flexible

Minimum Education: Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree in related field

  • Example of Work Required: Professional Letter, Flyer, Brochure, etc.

  • Cover Letter

  • Resume

  • Application

  • Statement of Work Philosophy

  • 3 Letters of Professional Reference


  • Must have laptop computer that can be used for work that can be connected to Wifi

  • Personal transportation

  • Cell phone that can be used for work