LPA's Code of Ethics & Professional Responsibility

LPA’s Code of Ethics & Professional Responsibility establishes the highest principles and standards for ethical practice. These moral pillars reflect LPA’s belief that professional conduct run concurrently, thus Expert Roundtable Associates, Consultants, Private Investigators, and LPATeam Members are expected to display these standards in their all their activities.

Integrity: We must be honest. Allowance can be made for innocent error and legitimate differences of opinion, but integrity cannot co-exist with deceit or subordination of one’s personal or professional activities.

Objectivity: We must be impartial and objective, reserving judgement of any aspect of a case, victim, suspect, agency, Client, attorney, student, or otherwise. We must utilize scientific methodology to minimize investigator bias.

Competence: We must demonstrate commitment to continuing our education to maximize accurate and world-class service to our Clientele. Maintain the knowledge and skill necessary to provide professional services competently.

Fairness: Pursuant to total transparency and in complete fairness to all LPA Clients and victims, LPA Associates, Consultants, Private Investigators, and LPATeam Members will immediately disclose any potential prior interaction, relationship, conflict with an agency or agency employee, Client, victim, or anyone directly or indirectly related to any case or new Client of LPA for LPA to decide if a Conflict of Interest exists.

Confidentiality: We will protect all confidential information of our Clients, our cases, our fellow professionals, LPA, and related entities.

Professionalism: We will behave with dignity. We will be courteous to others. We treat all people respectfully and with kindness.