For Civil Attorneys

LPA works with civil attorneys to conduct private death investigations, in wrongful death cases, and in domestic violence and child custody cases where domestic violence homicide or intimate partner homicide is a concern for an adult victim and/or children involved. other types of investigatory cases. LPA's Expert Homicide Prosecutors Roundtable Associates do not offer legal advice.

We offer the following services:

    • Case Review & Consultation
    • Private Investigation
      • Special OPS 
        • Undercover Surveillance
        • Dropping Undercover Operatives into Locations
      • Research-Based Forensic Interviews
    • Private Death Investigation using Victim-Centered Death Investigation Methodology
      • Research-Based Forensic Victimology
      • Research-Based Forensic Suspectology
      • Shooting Incident Reconstruction
      • Bloodstain Pattern Reconstruction
      • Statement Analysis, 911 Call Analysis, and Qualitative Content Analysis
      • Prescriptive Interview and Interrogation
      • Crime Scene related Behavioral Analysis
    • Expert Witness Testimony
    • Crime Scene Processing and Investigation Evaluation
    • Prosecutorial theme, courtroom demonstratives, and presentation

    Results may include recommendations related to:

    • Manner of death changes recommendations (i.e., suicide to homicide)
    • Development of New Leads
    • Identification of Subjects of Interest
    • Interview and Interrogation Strategy
    • Investigatory Strategy
    • Wound Pattern Information
    • Analysis for Specific Statements
    • Behavioral Analysis for Specific Subjects
    • Physical Evidence Advance Technology Testing
    • Crime Scene Reconstruction
    • Courtroom Theory Ideas
    • Courtroom demonstratives

    When might you need a private investigator? 

    • Obtain information on the whereabouts, identity, conduct or credibility of a person or company
    • Conduct background checks or searches of potential lovers, business partners or companies
    • Have someone followed to see if he or she is being deceitful
    • Pre-screen an applicant or business partner
    • Help research a crime, wrongdoing or threat
    • Locate and recover lost or stolen property
    • Investigate a scene or interrogate a witness
    • Access up-to-date computer databases of public records


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