For Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Agencies

Nothing helps a case more than a fresh set of eyes. All of us at LPA are either current, former, or retired law enforcement in some capacity, so we totally get what its like to lie awake at night thinking about a case, banging your head against the wall over a case, chasing down every lead on a case, and all the things we all have done that take us to the ends of the earth to solve a case.

We are here to support you. Think of LPA's Team of elite Roundtable as your personal team of CSIs, Death Investigators, Detectives, Forensic Criminologists, and Prosecutors who have no political ties, no dog in the fight, and no obligation to anyone to do anything except review the material in your file with a fresh set of neutral and objective set of eyes to help you and your agency move your case forward. It is what we specialize in, it is what we do.

You have a million other things to do. You have pending cases coming in left and right. You don't have time to work on a cold case too. We get it. Totally. Been there too. Therefore, LPATeam acts as your new partner dedicated picking up that slack when you are pulled in all sorts of other directions. Thirteen of 14 of LPA's Roundtable of Experts are current, former, or retired law enforcement personnel in some capacity. All LPA Experts are active in professional associations, such as the International Association for Identification, the Florida Division of the IAI, the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators, and policing associations.

The only thing LPA does not do is take over your case...unless directed to do so by the head of your agency, which sometimes a Chief or Sheriff does choose to do because of fiscal resources, manpower, or another logistical reason. We are honored to be invited to partner with you, we want to join the Investigative Team as support and a resource. We bring in our experts, outside experts, our methodologies, arrange private sector evidence testing which is often superior to what State Agencies have available to them (unfortunately), work with state crime labs, and more...really it is a win-win for everyone, especially victims and their families.

LPA Offers five levels of Case Review that fits every case and every law enforcement budget...

Initial Case Review

LPA Law Enforcement Case Review Plans are based on how many pages are in the file in relation to the average number of hours we estimate it will take to complete their review. We use Pettler's Stages 1-3 of Pettler's Victim-Centered Death Investigation Methodology (VCDIM) to gain knowledge, understand, and apply critical thinking to develop ideas for your case. Then we sit down with you to discuss your options for moving the case forward. All Law Enforcement Case Review Plans come with the following services:

  • FREE Case Review Consultation
  • Upload into our Online Discovery Management System
  • Case Organization into the VCDIM System
  • Triage & Critical Content Flagging
  • Law Enforcement Investigation Review
  • Forensic Criminology and/or Prosecutorial Review
  • Case File and Work Product Digital File download access
  • Case Review Results and Options Consultation

Initial Case Review results

Upon conclusion, LPA's initial Law Enforcement Case Review Process (VCDIM 1-3) often leads to the following options for moving the case forward:

  • Probable Cause for Arrests
  • Development of New Leads
  • Identification of Subjects of Interest
  • Identify Subjects who will require specific Interview and Interrogation Strategy
  • Identify specific Investigatory Strategies for success and ones to steer away from
  • How to move forward with Forensic Victimology
  • Moving forward with Wound Pattern Information
  • Types of Available Analysis for Specific Witness Statements
  • Available Behavioral Analysis for Specific Subjects
  • Available Physical Evidence Advance Technology Testing
  • Crime Scene Processing and Investigation Evaluation

Options for Moving Forward

Law Enforcement agencies then have the option to renew the agreement to continue working with LPA after the initial Case Review (VCDIM 1-3) to move their case into the forensic criminological phases of VCDIM Stages 4-6: Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation as a whole or for purchase of services a la carte that includes all or any of the following:

  • VCDIM Stage 4: Analysis
    • Research-Based Forensic Victimology (Qualitative Content Analysis with Modified Triangulation)
    • Crime Scene Analysis (Quantitative Analysis with Modified Triangulation)
      • Crime Scene related Behavioral Analysis
    • Research-Based Forensic Suspectology (Qualitative Content Analysis with Modified Triangulation)
    • Death Investigation and Wound Pattern Analysis (in partnership Forensic Pathologist)
    • Statements and 911 Call Analysis
      • Prescriptive Interview and Interrogation
    • Crime Scene Reconstruction (when possible, if needed, and if/when appropriate)
      • Shooting Incident Reconstruction
      • Bloodstain Pattern Reconstruction
  • VCDIM Stage 5: Synthesis
    • Build a Murder Room at your agency for you to work your case 
  • VCDIM Stage 6: Evaluation
    • Prosecutorial theme
    • Courtroom demonstratives and presentation
    • Expert Witness Testimony

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cases does LPA work? We are a forensic criminology based company that provides a new perspective on your case from crime scene to courtroom. We are retained primarily in possible staged cases, intimate partner homicides, domestic violence homicides, cold case homicides of all kinds, missing persons turned homicide, and occasionally assault cases.

Our agency is low on man-power and money, but we could really use a fresh set of eyes on our case and new ideas for how to move it forward on our own. Can LPA help us? Absolutely. Most of us are retired or former public service workers like yourselves. Therefore, LPA offers an affordable Case Review Plan to meet constraints of any budget...even the smallest budgets. We are here to provide a thorough review of your case, to help you cut through the white noise, and assist you in moving your case forward. Take advantage of LPA's FREE Case Consultation for Law Enforcement to learn more about what affordable payment plans LPA offers.

Who retains and pays LPA for service? Law enforcement agencies, civil attorneys representing victims in wrongful death suits, coroners, among other professionals are Clients of LPA along with the families of murdered or missing loved ones who pay for LPA's services so LPA can help the agency investigating their loved one's case. When a family pays for LPA's services so LPA can work in partnership with the agency working their loved one's case, LPA does not give case update information to the family. The investigating agency must be responsible for choosing what information the family is given at all times.