“I work for the victims, the ones who cannot speak for themselves."


****10/30/2017: Please note that Mr. Stringham is on sabbatical and is not currently teaching for LPAIFI at this time.  

Larry has been connected with law enforcement since 1985 when he joined the US Air Force as a Security Policeman. Working with the USAF and later with the National Guard, Larry became a certified Police Officer in Little Rock Arkansas. Retuning to Hernando County, Florida, where he was raised, he was hired by the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office as a 911 dispatcher and in 1991 became a Crime Scene Technician. Larry worked here for 6 years, during which time he attended basic and advanced courses in crime scene, arson investigation and fingerprint technology.

In 1997, Larry became a Forensic Technician for the Cape Coral Police Department. At that time, this assignment was a one-man position. He worked hard to grow the department and its forensic section. Being promoted to supervisor of the Forensic Section in 2005, Larry now supervises nine employees and has increased the Department’s viability by creating latent, computer, video and lab units within the forensic section.

Larry has an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and has testified as an expert in the fields of latent print identification, 10-print identification, and crime scene procedures to include forensic light sources, photography, scene processing and crime scene reconstruction. He is presently serving as the President of the Florida Division of the International Association for Identification (FDIAI) and is a member on the Crime Scene advisory Committee of the International Association for Identification (IAI).

Larry brings a lot to the LPA Team by way of his impressive and broad knowledge of crime scene investigation and reconstruction. Not only does Larry deliver dynamic and interesting courses in crime scene investigation, Larry teaches in the GoKaleido program where he teaches shooting reconstruction. 

Larry Stringham's Course list:

  • GoKaleido Crime Scene Reconstruction Program
    • Level I - Shooting Incident Reconstruction
    • Level II - Shooting Incident Reconstruction
    • Level III - Advanced Shooting Incident Reconstruction
  • iPhone Apps for Crime Scenes
  • Small Agency Survival
  • Alternative Light Sources with Photography
  • Processing evidence with Alternative Light Sources