"never stop learning..."

- Sgt. Mike McCutcheon, MS, PHD Student

Sgt. Mike McCutcheon works in New Hampshire at the Londonderry Police Department. He has worked in Londonderry since 2000. He began as a patrolman and served in that position for 4 years. In 2004 Mike was promoted to Detective. He worked as a detective for 3 years until he was promoted to Sergeant in 2007. Mike acted as the Detective Sergeant for three years. He continues to serve the Londonderry, NH community in his role as police Sergeant.

Mike’s experience in policing has been diverse. His time in detectives allowed him to learn and create numerous techniques to process crime scenes and master evidence collection. Mike has investigated almost every type of crime out there, and in turn, has created or modified techniques to investigate them. When it comes to crime scene processing, there isn’t an object that Mike won’t try to develop fingerprints on!

Mike has been an educator at the collegiate level since 2007. Mike is a criminal justice professor at Southern New Hampshire University, Rivier University, and Mt. Washington College. His focus at the collegiate level is to introduce new students to criminal justice. Introduction to Criminal Justice, American Policing, and Crime Scene Investigations are his most popular classes.  Mike also teaches Interview and Interrogation and Criminology. 

Mike is the New England Division of the International Association for Identification’s (NEDIAI) New Hampshire Board Member.  Mike is a crime scene consultant in the Northeast Region for the Lynn Peavey specializing in crime scene processing demonstrations and educating investigators. 

Mike earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Anna Maria College, and a Master of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Western New England University. He is working towards his Doctorate in Education at Rivier University in Nashua, NH.

Mike brings his wealth of knowledge to LPA in many ways. Mike designs and films all of LPA's training videos. Check some of them out here! http://forensiceducation.net/

MIke Mccutcheon's course list:

  • GoKaleido Crime Scene Reconstruction Program
    • Level I - Shooting Incident Reconstruction
    • Level II - Shooting Incident Reconstruction
    • Level III - Advanced Shooting Incident Reconstruction
  • Interview and Interrogation
  • Statement Analysis
  • Death Investigation for Police Investigators
  • Basic Crime Scene Investigation
  • Processing Crime Scenes with iPad
  • Footwear and Tire Track Impressions
  • Processing Bloody Fingerprints
  • Courtroom Testimony for Police Investigators