Laser Upgrade Packs

The LPA Laser Upgrade Packs come in red and green. Our threaded lasers were discontinued in January 2018 and replaced with our non-threaded thinner, lighter lasers and a new laser adapter. The new Laser adapter attaches LPA's new laser to a .25" dowel without having to worry if the threading is going to make the laser straight or not. We understood customer concerns about laser line accuracy and straightness and fixed the problem completely with this new part.

Green or Red Laser Upgrade:

3 – Mini Green Lasers
3 - Mini Red Lasers

Dowel Upgrades

  • Tubular Dowel Crime Scene Reconstruction™ changed the way reconstructionists illustrate the critical bullet trajectory evidence in their crime scenes. Tubular Dowel Crime Scene Reconstruction™ is a process that combines the traditional concepts, principles, and techniques of shooting reconstruction and transforms ordinary non-transparent dowel rod reconstruction into transparent dowel rod and laser trajectory magnificence.

    As with any reconstructive process, Tubular Dowel™ is a process that requires more than a 40-hour course in crime scene investigation. In fact, in order to be successful in substantiating scientific crime scene reconstructions, individual practitioners must be proficient in a myriad of disciplines, such as but not limited to shooting incident reconstruction, bloodstain pattern analysis, crime scene investigation, crime scene analysis and advanced processing techniques, coupled with experience investigating and reconstructing crime scenes.

    Tubular Dowels™ Upgrades are sold in sets of four. Tubular Dowels™ do not come in specific packaging or with a carrying case. Tubular Dowel Trajectory Reconstruction™ requires precision for proper use of this diameter and photographic fog is highly recommended.

    • Small Tubular Dowels™ Upgrade Pack - similar exterior diameter to a .22 caliber or 5.6mm projectile.  
    • Medium Tubular Dowels™ Upgrade Pack - similar exterior diameter to a .38 caliber or 9.06 mm projectile. 
    • Large Tubular Dowels™ Upgrade Pack - similar exterior diameter to a .45 caliber or 11.5mm projectile. 


  • Fiberglass Dowels Pack - 16 .25" fiber glass dowels with 8 LPA hard plastic dowel connectors


Attention: Our Policies Have Recently Changed

Updated 5/10/2018: SPECIAL ORDERS: Special Orders are three or more kits ordered for a customer. Special orders require 50% down in some cases because we are a small company and build kits as they are ordered. All Special Order and Non-Stocked items are manufactured just for you and therefore are your order is non-cancelable and the parts are non-returnable (NC/NR). Prior to placing the first order we will ask you to sign a NC/NR form and return it to us. Special Orders at LPA include: more than 3 Fusions, Spartans; and Clarion, Motif, Verve, and Mosaic.

Updated 4/19/2018: SINGULAR KIT ORDER RETURN POLICY: LPA requires customers to inspect all parts within five days after confirmed FEDEX delivery date for defective and broken, missing or otherwise parts of receiving the kit. LPA will replace parts. All kits come with an inserted placard when customers open the kit placed on the very top that instructs the customer to inspect within five days. LPA places stickers on the outside of boxes that say “OPEN FIRST” and “OPEN IMMEDIATELY” alerting customer that the boxes must be opened and inspected. LPA not responsible if distributor repacks kits in other packaging that does not include our stickers. Distributor is responsible. LPA is happy to accept the return of any unopened/unused singular kit or product within 10-days of the delivery date for a full refund to be refunded within 30 days. Returns within 11-90 days are eligible for LPA product credit only. No refunds or product credit available after 90 days. Distributors should not accept returns from customers before contacting LPA to see if LPA will accept a return. Distributors assume the financial loss of the return if they accept a return outside of LPA’s policy and/or without contacting LPA about the return prior to accepting the return first. Replacement parts and exchanges are always an option for remedy throughout the life of the kit's parts.

Updated 5/10/2018: LPA does not build CUSTOM KITS.

Substitute Parts and Website Photos: Laura Pettler & Associates reserves the right to interchange parts due to availability, discontinuation, or otherwise without notice. Photos on the Laura Pettler & Associates website are an accurate representation of the parts or similar parts in quality and quantity contained of each kit. 

Photographic Fog MSDS: Please download from any kit page on our website.

FAQs: Please check our FAQs and Policies page for all of these policies and for additional specs information on the lasers and other specific products.

5-Day Inspection and Seller Notification Required for Replacement of Defective Parts: We strive to ensure the quality of every kit we build. However, if you discover a missing piece, we are happy to ship any piece out to you when we are notified within five days of receipt of your Kit. No problem!

90-DAY Laser Manufacturer’s Warranty on Green, Red, and Blue Lasers: The Manufacturer tests lasers before being sold to Laura Pettler & Associates. Laura Pettler & Associates re-tests all lasers before shipping to vendors and customers. Based on the Laser Manufacturers Warranty, defective lasers will be replaced within 90-days of purchase. Customers will be provided with a return-shipping label for malfunctioning laser return. Lasers must be returned in order to receive a replacement. *Green lasers have to warm up if they are cold. They typically won’t work well if they are cold. They might not turn on at all or turn on with a very dim green beam.

Additional Warranty Information: Angle finders, masonry string, plumb bobs, 50” tripods, etc., carry manufacturer's warranty. Tubular Dowels, starter rods, Resin Bases, dowel stabilizers, and O-rings carry one-year Laura Pettler & Associates replacement warranty from the date of purchase from Laura Pettler & Associates. 

Distributor Branding Policy: Without written permission from LPA, if Distributor alters, edits, omits, changes, removes, obliterates, or otherwise, any associated trademarks and/or serial numbers (i.e., Kaleidoscope stickers), trade names, color schemes, trade dress, service marks, signs, symbols, slogans, designs and other trade indicia (e.g., the intellectual property of LPA) specifically owned or controlled by LPA (i.e., included parts manufacturers’ are their sole intellectual property, not LPA), thereby “marking” a product as their own “Distributor Name _______ Kit or Distributor Name Product Name” or similar (Kaleidoscope sticker with affixed Distributor Sticker is permitted), and sells the product to a customer under/by the Distributor name without representing the Kaleidoscope Brand and LPA as the manufacturer, all LPA warranties for LPA manufactured or adapted products (i.e., lasers, tripod mounts, stabilizers) included in the Kaleidoscope Kit are void. Customer service and replacement parts will be the sole financial responsibility of the Distributor. As an authorized representative placing the order for the Distributor of LPA's Kaleidoscope System, the Distributor acknowledges and agrees to the above terms.

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