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What to Think When the Unthinkable Happens: Seminar for Families Facing Suspicious Death

You never fully recover. The call, the visit, the moment you heard it never leaves your mind. They told you he, she, they were dead. Dead. Never coming back, never coming home. Your entire world just turned upside down. They said it was suicide, an accident, a natural death, or maybe undetermined. “They” can be the Medical Examiner’s Office and/or a Law Enforcement Agency. But they haven’t asked you all there is to know about your deceased loved one. You’re confused by the ruling and trying through all the pain and grief to stand up and use your voice, but nothing you say is getting through. Maybe it goes on for a day, a week, months, years, or even decades. You don’t know what to do no matter how long it’s been.

This is the story we hear over and over again on the phone, in emails, by social media every day at LPA. We hear of people spending thousands of dollars with a private investigator that has resulted in nothing.

This seminar is designed to share ideas for families navigating a suspicious death. Why we say Do Not Cremate! Why not to go to the media! Why never to bash the investigating agency, your suspect, your person of interest, or anyone else related to the case! What you should and what you should not post on social media! Why to keep your story quiet! What kind of lawyer to retain. What records to request. What you should be documenting every time. And much more…We’ll discuss suggestions for communicating with law enforcement and the ME’s Office even if they don’t respond. And we’ll give you To-Do’s during the first days following the death of your loved one. We will give you ideas for creating questions for investigator qualifications so you can pick your professionals BEFORE YOU HIRE and spend thousands of dollars in the wrong direction. We’ll identify resources, experts, agencies, and who you can call to discuss services.

This is not a free seminar. Fees and related expenses are coming soon…

The Murder Room Weekend: Bring It to the Roundtable

The Murder Room Weekend is designed for investigators who are hungry for more information. Six times a year, LPA’s Murder Room will open its doors to investigators who book a slot to bring their cases to the Roundtable. 120 minute slots give LPA’s Experts enough time to help investigators begin a new To-Do List, identify areas of potential probable cause, head towards another manner of death besides homicide, etc. Then sit in on the rest of the investigators’ cases and listen to the ideas the roundtable comes up with for them. These events will be standing room only we are sure. Book early. First one October 12-13, 2019 at LPA HQ in Monroe, NC. $2500 per case. If you’d like to pay for your agency to bring your loved ones’ case, please see your agency contact person to arrange.