The Murder Room seminars for Families Looking for Answers

Families need resources to help solve their own cases. The information they collect and turn over to law enforcement can make the difference between solving a case and the case going cold. Due to budgetary constraints on American law enforcement agencies, many agencies do not have adequate money to train their officers in advanced techniques related to psychology, suicidology, crime analysis, victim-centered interview techniques, and other important modern, 21st procedures necessary in death investigation work today. Not every police officer and/or detective across the country has had the ability to complete a four year degree, a masters degree, and/or a doctoral degree because of the standard of compensation nationwide. Until legislative priorities change and law enforcement training budgets match American entertainment and professional sports budgets dollar for dollar, public safety will continue to suffer…hence, murder investigations will go cold, death investigations will be pushed to the wayside, victims will not have justice, and families will not have answers.

Most murders are simple…murder serves as conflict resolution for the offender

However, murder is not conflict resolution in the 1% of victims who fall victims to serial killers each year in the United States…those cases are excluded from what we are talking about here. In the other approximately 99% of United States homicides, argument-conflict is statistically by the UCR the #1 reported reason homicides occur in the United States. The offender ends up in some kind of conflict with the victim, murders the victim either spontaneously or by planned attack, then aims to benefit from the victim’s death. The Murder Room: Victim-Centered Death Investigation Methodology for Cold Case Investigation (VICDIM-CCI) is designed for field application by investigators who are charged with the duty of solving even the most challenging cases.

"Our system determines our outcome", so VCDIM-CCI is an investigatory system that combines traditional CSI and detective work with both quantitative and qualitative research methodology using Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Domains as its Operating System. Red + Blue = Purple, and you’ll notice that the bottom of the large, center triangle is red, the middle is blue, and the top is purple. We have to complete each of the red and blue six Stages in order to make purple. No way around it.

The Murder Room Seminar for Families is a small group of LPA Experts and Consultants who gather for case presentations by law enforcement and families. Each case will be given a specified format for presentation and each case will be reviewed before case presentation.

The goal of The Murder Room Seminar for Families is to connect with experts who can offer professional guidance for each case that individuals may consider as they move forward with their case.

The Murder Room Seminar for Families is not a free seminar. Fees and related expenses are coming soon…