ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the tremendous influx of cold cases LPA has been retained on since January 2018, we are unable to offer ground training or summer camp (NOTE: Geneva College PA will continue with Summer Camp as scheduled) this year. The LPAIFI's online class division is of course fully operational and always available for continuing education training, so we encourage you to visit the LPAIFI today. 

“Dr. Pettler, I have been to numerous homicide courses, death courses, command trainings, etc. Your class is by far the best training I have received, and I am comparing it to two police academies, college, continued education and the various elective training I have received in the last 25 years...I have been praising your expertise, your course content, but most importantly your ability to train and talk at the “police officer level."

— Lt. Eric Hermick, Crime Scene Commander, Pennsylvania State Police

““I highly recommend this class for all officers, detectives, supervisors, etc. This course provided valuable information on how to enter and view a death scene. It provided very important information that enables officers to make sure to document everything as accurately as possible in case a staged homicide has occurred.”

— Police Officer from Beaver, PA Class February 2016

“Crime Scene Staging Symposium Evaluation Response: ‘This class as a whole was one of my favorite classes I have attended. I liked the small class size felt like very personal attention given to the students."

— Crime Scene Staging Symposium Law Enforcement Officer Attendee