Are you a producer or casting director looking to book your next expert or guest? You've come to the right place.

LPA is your partner in the True Crime genre because we understand the multifaceted laundry list of objectives in the television industry. Dr. Laura Pettler spent more than a decade as a professional musician and vocalist. Now retired from professional music, Laura focuses on solving cases in real life and working in the television industry. A few of LPA's Associates also are beginning to enter the world of on-camera talent and are bringing new energy to the set. LPA has contributed to pre-production, set design, production, casting, and case selection, video packages, docu-series television, daytime talk, news TV, and web series TV. 

We offer the following services for production companies and networks: 

  • On-Camera Talent and Production in Crime Scene Analysis (studio and field)
  • On-Camera Host or Emcee
  • On-Camera Shooting Reconstruction for Indoor, Outdoor, and Vehicle Crime Scenes
  • Set Design: Studio and Field Crime Scene Investigation, Reconstruction, and On-Camera Forensic Testing (Crime Lab)
  • Consulting and Treatment Development
  • Research
  • Case Research for Development
  • ...and more...

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